What is Halya?
Halya Agrotech is an agricultural platform whose ultimate objective is to connect farmers to direct market. The platform is built keeping farmers in mind and is very easy to register and approach buyers globally on the platform.
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Core of Halya!

India is 2nd largest farm output producer in world and history of agriculture dates back to Rigveda. Our core belief is "सर्व कृषक सर्वदा सुभिक्षम् |" which means, "Every farmer to be prosperous always."

Agriculture contributes roughly 15% to Indian GDP but more than 50% of total workforce is involved in it. The agriculture contribution to country's GDP has been steadily declining but with more than 50% of population dependent on it, it plays a vital role in overall socio-economic fabric of the country.

India happens to be a pioneer country in the field of IT but somehow, the benefit of same has not reached farms. We are aiming to bridge that gap and with the help of IT, we want to connect farmers with the ultimate users, so that farmers get better realisation and ultimate users can buy quality product at right price.

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Online SMS Capability
Enabling high quality and low cost communication channel to facilitate interaction amongst farmers, and agriculture businesses.
Automated Correspondence
Facilitating Automated Correspondence, Notification using mobile apps, sms
Personalised Marketing
Customized marketplace for demonstrating crop quality and productions
Interactive Reports
Detailed high quality easy to understand relavant KPI reports for consumers, businesses, and farmer
Local crops to global market
Connecting global markets with local farmers with out platform
Agricultural Events Platform
We open avenues for events to network and enable business and success for all stackholders
Control your products, pricing, and the fulfilment
The tools, products from Halya empower you to have total control on how you want to deal with your business
Sell your crops online
Secure, and highly reliable online crop trade platform
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